DISCOVERER Mission Patch Competition

Patches are a tradition in the space flight program!

Challenge Objectives

The Satellite for Orbital Aerodynamics Research (SOAR) is a scientific CubeSat which was designed by GomSpace, Manchester University and University College London and will be launched in June 2021.

SOAR will investigate how different materials act in the environment of very low Earth orbit (below 450 km in altitude) and will help to identify new materials which can reduce the drag which satellites experience due to the very low density atmosphere which remains at these heights. SOAR will be the University of Manchester’s first satellite and as such needs a mission patch to commemorate the development and launch of the spacecraft, but also to publicise the unique mission that the satellite has been designed to perform.

Animated video of SOAR

For the DISCOVERER Mission Patch Design competition, children at High School or University Level were asked to design their own mission patch for our Satellite for Orbital Aerodynamics Research (SOAR) scheduled for launch on 3rd June 2021 on Space X mission CRS-22. A total of 15 entries were received.

The winning design was designed by Laura Mann, Lancaster Girls’ Grammar School. Congratulations!

The two runners up are:

Congratulations to those selected and thank you to all those who entered and to those who have been shortlisted by the judging panel.

Due to the requirements for printing and to include the name of the satellite, the winning entry has been updated slightly: