We want to revolutionize Earth observation by operating satellites at much lower altitudes than usual. Our satellites will be smaller, lighter and cheaper to launch while achieving a better resolution than today’s devices.
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How can we improve aerodynamics and increase the satellite's lifetime, while reducing drag?

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14 – 15 January 2021



The DISCOVERER project is pleased to announce it is hosting the first International Symposium on Very Low Earth Orbit Missions and Technologies and would like to invite you to be a part of it.

This symposium aims to bring together the industrial, academic, and policy-making community involved in, or with aspirations for, VLEO missions to share operational experience, relevant technology development, and current and future applications. 

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26 October 2020

DISCOVERER – Why, How and What So Far?

Check out our newest Masterclass by our scientific coordinator, Dr. Peter Roberts, and by space engineer Francesco Romano on aerostability in space, satellite shapes, proper surface materials, and propulsion systems for satellites operating in very low earth orbit (VLEO).

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12 - 14 October 2020


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