We want to revolutionize Earth observation by operating satellites at much lower altitudes than usual. Our satellites will be smaller, lighter and cheaper to launch while achieving a better resolution than today’s devices.
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How can we improve aerodynamics and increase the satellite's lifetime, while reducing drag?

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19 August 2019

Masterclass on “The SEAM Story” by Prof. Dr. Ivchenko

CubeSat engineer Prof. Dr. Mykola Nickolay Ivchenko from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Sweden tells the “SEAM story”, meaning the complete story of the CubeSat SEAM from the initial concept, over design, engineering and trouble shooting, all the way to the launch day! Surprises included…

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12 August 2019

Masterclass on “Advanced Propulsion” by Dr. Herdrich

In this Masterclass, the DISCOVERER consortium member Priv. Doz. Dr.-Ing. Georg Herdrich from the Institute of Space Systems (IRS) at the University of Stuttgart (Germany) provides expert insights into advanced propulsion, new technologies, and future space travel plans. Enjoy!

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26 June 2019

DISCOVERER stakeholder analysis

On 26th June 2019, the DISCOVERER Steering Committee performed a stakeholder analysis under guidance of Dr. Carl Gavin, senior lecturer and project management expert at Alliance Manchester Business School, who joined the meeting for this purpose.

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