DISCOVERER Masterclasses 2018 on YouTube

Watch the new DISCOVERER Master Class Video on “CubeSat – Attitude and Determination Control System”, presented by Leonardo Ghizoni, GOMSpace.

In this Masterclass, Leonardo Ghizoni, a system engineer and project manager at GOMspace (Denmark), explains the details of a “CubeSat Launch and Early Orbit Phase (LEOP)”, using the GOMX-4 twin satellites (constellation) as an example.

Dr. Eelco Doornbos, an Assistant Professor at Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands) and invited guest speaker at the 3rd General Assembly (GA) Meeting of the DISCOVERER consortium, uses elegant videos and animations to explain the physics of the Earth’s thermosphere, magnetosphere, space weather, and satellite aerodynamics based on empirical data derived from the GOCE, SWARM and CHAMP satellite missions.

In this Masterclass, the DISCOVERER consortium member Priv. Doz. Dr.-Ing. Georg Herdrich from the Institute of Space Systems (IRS) at the University of Stuttgart (Germany) provides expert insights into advanced propulsion, new technologies, and future space travel plans. Enjoy!

For this particular Masterclass, the DISCOVERER consortium invited the experienced CubeSat engineer Prof. Dr. Mykola Nickolay Ivchenko from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Sweden to tell his “SEAM story”, meaning the complete story of the CubeSat SEAM from the initial concept, over design, engineering and trouble shooting, all the way to the launch day! Surprises included…